All Phase Remodeling is Prescott, Arizona's Quality Home Improvement & Remodeling Specialist!

We offer a variety of services for the residential customer. We understand that there are quite a few contractors in the Prescott area, but what sets us apart are two major things.

First, we offer many custom solutions. We are not the typical construction company in that we can create quality solutions for houses that are not the typical. For instance, custom homes, log cabins, specialized foundations and framing, etc.

Second, All Phase Remodeling offers a variety of services designed for the residential customer. Some of our services include:

New Home Construction:

We will build your new home to the precise specifications you, and your architect set.

Residential Remodeling:

Time for a change? We can remodel the interior of any room in your home, or the exterior of your home to freshen up that curbside appeal.

Deck Repair and New Deck Construction:

Time to enjoy the outdoors! Entertain family and friends on your new or rebuilt deck.

Garage Construction:

A garage can drastically increase the resale value of your home, not to mention protect and extend the life of your car or truck.

Room Additions:

Add on a new room to your home and gain some elbow room and resale value! All additions are built to code and will match your existing structure's style.

Custom Work:

We understand that not all homes are "out of the box" and many consist of special construction types, such as a log cabin, post and beam, or any other custom built home. We are craftsmen. We can build your custom request.



I have to thank you for the great work you did on my cabin. Please feel free to use this testimonial as you please.

I had All Phase Remodeling replace the log posts that were the foundation of my rustic-style cabin. The raised foundation (supported by log posts) was rotting and the house was sagging. All I expected was for the existing logs in the foundation to be replaced, which is what you did.

HOWEVER, I never imagined that it would be done in a manner that made it better than new. You took the time to level the entire house (was never completely level since I owned it), add extra touches to the foundation that relieves the danger of water damage and termites.

I guess the point is that I got more than I expected and your attitude was fantastic. I look forward to having you replace my deck, railing and add my porch overhang this winter!"

Matt F.
Prescott, AZ